Telemedicine Creates Surge Capacity During Flu Season

Using Telemedicine During Flu Season

With the rate of diagnoses of influenza steadily increasing over the past number of years, doctors’ practices, hospitals, and urgent care facilities are reaching well over full capacity during flu season. Last year alone, the flu shot was protective against only 30% of influenza strains, rendering it virtually ineffective. On top of that, more aggressive, virulent strains are coming into existence. The bottom line: more people are getting sick, they are getting sicker, and wait times aren’t getting shorter. Thankfully, telemedicine can create surge capacity during flu seasons and beyond…

Telemedicine can play a monumental role in accommodating the overflow of patients during the busy months of flu season. Diagnosing and treating symptoms through the Carie™ online platform is simple and convenient. Telemedicine platforms like Carie™ also provide a unique advantage to patients seeking treatment of the influenza virus: the sooner after the onset of symptoms the antiviral is taken, the more effective it is. The convenient and nearly instantaneous HIPPA-secure connection to doctors is particularly advantageous to patients living in areas where a doctor’s office or urgent care facility is far from a hop, skip, and a jump away. Long commutes and wait times directly impact the effectiveness of flu antiviral medications. Not only this, but the flu is also highly contagious and easily spread through indirect contact with an infected person, meaning over-crowded doctor’s offices pose a major public health concern for the population. Virtual care with telemedicine eliminates this concern completely.

So, how exactly can your doctor diagnose and treat the flu through telemedicine platforms? The flu is in fact one of the easiest conditions to treat virtually. In the privacy of your own home, you can chat with your trusted doctor about your symptoms. The most common symptoms of the flu are fever, fatigue, congestion, and cough. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, your doctor can almost certainly diagnose you with the flu during the flu season. Even if your symptoms are not debilitating, it is best to start treatment right away to prevent further progression of the virus. Your doctor can send your prescriptions directly to your preferred pharmacy during the video consultation. It’s that simple.

The added convenience, efficiency, and cost-effective elements of telemedicine over traditional in-office care are unparalleled. Telemedicine solves many of the pressing problems with traditional care, specifically during flu season. Sign up today and let Carie™ take care of it.

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Kaelynn Midgley