South Florida Business Journal – Telemedicine startup lures executive from nearby, established competitor

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An up-and-coming startup is angling to capture a share of the fast-growing telemedicine market.

Among its first orders of business? Lure talent from nearby competitors.

Miami-based EpicMD announced this week that it has hired MDLIVE’s former chief medical officer Sylvan Waller.

Founded earlier this year, EpicMD aims to address unmet health care needs by providing telemedicine service through its digital platform. Members pay between $29 and $49 per month for access, depending on their subscription structure.

Waller has joined the company as CMO, just two months after leaving MDLIVE. The Sunrise-based company could not immediately be reached for comment on this story.

With nearly two decades of experience, Waller has been “instrumental in providing experience and education” to EpicMD’s network of physicians, said the company’s CEO, Matt Wanderer.

At EpicMD, he’ll help the company sign new physician partnerships. A spokeswoman for the company said that since EpicMD officially launched at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, it has garnered about 500 accounts.

MDLIVE, on the other hand, serves more than 10 million patients across the United States. Since being founded in 2006, the company has expanded its offerings to include specialty services, such as mental health telemedicine and features exclusively geared to dermatologists and their patients.

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