South Florida Business Journal Celebrates EpicMD Attracting Top Industry Talent

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Debora Lima of South Florida Business Journal writes:

Miami based health-technology start-up EpicMD was built to address the nation’s unmet demand for high quality, affordable healthcare that is easy to access. The unique business model pairs doctors with the technology and support they need to offer patients a 24 x 7 concierge care solution while simultaneously reducing costs. The surprisingly simple solution is now attracting top-tier medical leadership talent at a breakneck pace including the recent and notable addition of Sylvan Waller MD, the former Chief Medical Officer of MDLIVE, INC.
Dr. Sylvan Waller is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician and experienced healthcare executive with a passion for innovation and leveraging technology to improve healthcare. He has 20 years of medical, business operations, and executive leadership experience. Prior to MDLive, Dr. Waller was Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Alii Healthcare, a consumer focused telehealth company designed to connect patients with ER doctors.
“As our CMO, Dr. Waller has been instrumental in providing experience and education to our physicians while helping to create a roadmap to allow independent doctors to successfully integrate virtual care into their practice in a way that is beneficial to them and their patients.” stated Matt Wanderer, CEO of EpicMD. “He has the experience it takes to make each new physician partnership a success, if you are a great primary care provider who is interested in modernizing your practice we welcome a discussion about collaboration”.
“We know the national average wait time to see a doctor is 29 days. EpicMD aims to change this and give physicians the ability to see more patients using a more efficient model that doesn’t compromise the quality of their care. Our solution allows the physician to be mobile, enhancing their care offering while adding flexibility and convenience to their day to day lives.” says Dr. Waller.
About EpicMD: EpicMD is a modern mobile healthcare solution that allows members to connect with a network of U.S board-certified doctors 24/7 from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop device. Based on their need, members can connect with a doctor through virtual video consultation, phone, or email. With a built in

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