Onboarding Your Doctor with Carie

Get Started

As we begin the post launch testing to ensure a quality experience for all users, there are necessary steps our Doctors need to complete to fully onboard them into the platform.

The Steps


1. Create your Carie Account!

Come meet the team! As a fast growing company, we are always on the move. Nothing is quite as powerful as meeting in-person, so please reach out and let's schedule time to meet at any of the events below.


2. HealthShare Credentialing

Working with HealthShare to ensure all Carie doctors are properly credentialed and prepared to begin consulting on our platform.


3. Practice Philosophy + Headshot

Each doctor will receive their own Carie Doctor Page where they’ll be able to sign up patients, schedule consultations, and promote their specialties and background. In order to complete this page, we’ll need a 100 word quick Practice Philosophy to use as your bio. In addition to this we will also need a headshot to place front and center on their page.


Once these 3 major tasks are complete, Team Carie will begin taking the final steps in order to take the Doctor Page live.

Download Step by Step Guide