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Your Doctor
with Carie

As we begin the post launch testing to ensure a quality experience for all users, there are necessary steps our Doctors need to complete to fully onboard them into the platform.

The Steps


1. Signed SLA

The first crucial step in getting your doctor ready for Carie is to get the Carie Service License Agreement signed and sent back to the Carie corporate team.

2. HealthShare Credentialing

Working with HealthShare to ensure all Carie doctors are properly credentialed and prepared to begin consulting on our platform.

3. Patient Census Upload

The first step in converting all of a doctors patients over into Carie Members will be to put them into several marketing campaigns. To begin the conversion marketing plan to a doctor’s patients, we will need an exported file version of their patient census, which will provide us with all of their email addresses. The provider will need to export this list from their EHR and upload it to Carie using our Patient Census upload link. The census upload is HIPAA compliant and secure.

4. Practice Philosophy + Headshot

Each doctor will receive their own Carie Doctor Page where they’ll be able to sign up patients, schedule consultations, and promote their specialties and background. In order to complete this page, we’ll need a 500 – 800 word Practice Philosophy. In addition to this we will also need a headshot to place front and center on their page.
Once these 4 major tasks are complete, Team Carie will begin taking the final steps in order to take the Doctor Page live.