Introducing Carie

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Hi everyone!

We want to take a moment to thank you for accompanying us on this journey as we take on the momentous task of revolutionizing healthcare.

2018 has been an incredible year so far, already exceeding our expectations for the calendar year, and we’re only half-way into it. As many of you know from your interactions with the company, the scope of our mission is both larger and clearer than we thought possible. To put it simply we are genuinely improving the way America receives healthcare.

The scope of delivering on that promise is massive, the bar is set high, and we are raising it at every opportunity. Our mission is bigger, our voices are louder, and we need a brand name that captures the passion that makes us a true pioneer in virtual care.

It’s time for a whole new approach to healthcare delivery and as of June 1st, we are officially leading that charge as Carie HealthThe star of the show is named Carie and she is going to help us all access the convenient modern healthcare solutions we knew we deserved a long time ago.

Our new name reflects our bigger mission to deliver a wide set of innovative solutions that our doctors and medical professionals need in order to succeed in the modern digital world. The way Alexa did for home automation, or Siri did for smartphone features. Carie is your easy,  friendly partner in health. Everywhere Carie goes she is elevating the Doctor-Patient relationship with a suite of simple, free installations allowing your own trusted doctor to become the virtually enabled provider of the future.

While EpicMD started off an innovative Telehealth tool, Carie encompasses what has grown into a full-blown national movement connecting patients with their own preferred doctor. If a patient doesn’t already have a doctor, Carie lets them select the right provider from a national network of providers ready to deliver convenient care either face to face in-office, or from the convenience of the palm of your hand!

Join us today to meet Carie as we begin preparations for her full formal arrival this fall in celebration of the healthcare revolution we each demand and deserve.

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Kaelynn Midgley

Kaelynn Midgley