How to Market Your New Telehealth Services

marketing telehealth services

The road to becoming a telehealth provider is not always an easy one—you’ve jumped through hoops, spent valuable time and money to get here, and now here you are. Your first question as a new provider might be a pretty obvious one: what next? How do I market my new telemedicine services to patients?

Marketing your new and improved business model to your patients is the most important part of the process. It is imperative that your patients know the nuances of your new online platform: how to access it, schedule appropriate visits as a telehealth consult, view electronic medical records, and everything in between. Providing online care is a powerful tool in your business for both you and your patients. With telehealth in your practice, you can:

  • Reach patients across a wide range of geographic areas
  • Provide comprehensive follow-up examinations
  • Maintain convenient and consistent communication about your patients’ medical history and health status

Your patients need to know why telehealth is so beneficial to them and it’s your job to spread the word. Outlined below are some easy and effective ways to advertise and showcase your newest and proudest addition to your practice.

  1. Email

One of the best and easiest ways to enlighten your patients to the new world of telehealth is by emailing them announcing the big news and giving them a rundown of the most pertinent information about how to set it up and utilize your tools.

  1. Social Media

It almost goes without saying that social media is one of the quickest ways to stay updated with news of all kinds. It’s no different with social media in your practice. You can creatively advertise your services while at the same time widely extending your reach of current and prospective patients.

  1. In office

Before and after visits are an opportune time to showcase your telehealth practice to your patients. Often, the day of an appointment is hectic and patients may already be frustrated with the hassle of getting there on time, sitting in traffic, driving long distances, or rearranging their schedules to be seen. After patients are in your office, news of convenient and comprehensive online care will surely be well received.

These three simple techniques of marketing telehealth services to your patients are undoubtedly going to help you reach a large target demographic. Additionally, Carie is available to work with you to nurture your patients through the transition with regular instructive emails, digital guides, and practice educational material. With telehealth, your patients are never alone and with Carie, neither are you. Visit our guide to connecting your practice for more help with onboarding your patients to Carie.

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