How One Miami Entrepreneur is Disrupting the $3 Trillion U.S. Healthcare Market

Matt Wanderer

If the average American is lucky enough to have a good insurance plan today; they still wait an average 29 days to see their primary care provider. They take an average 4 hours off from work to drive across town. They wait in the doctor’s office for 48 minutes to access a typical 6 minute visit with the available provider. The experience is expensive time-consuming, and if you ask Matt Wanderer, Founder and CEO of EpicMD, it’s about to be a thing of the past for most healthcare encounters.

Wanderer’s solution to the American healthcare crisis began in 2010 as the culmination of his NYU-London School of Economics, Graduate School of Business thesis, written 9000 miles away, during a study abroad module in Southern India. Faced with the challenges of providing affordable care for well over a billion people, India had few options but to embrace modern telehealth “at scale” well before the West.

A nationally recognized entrepreneur who has been listed four consecutive years in the top ranks of the INC 500 list of fastest growing private companies in America, Matt Wanderer is betting that America’s mobile health boom will eclipse already sky high market predictions.  “With EpicMD The first thing we did was discard everything we knew to be outdated in the American healthcare consumer experience… from that point we had a pretty blank canvas”. While dozens of companies scramble to crack the $100 Billion mobile health utilization code, none have managed to fundamentally enhance the most critical aspect of basic health care; the doctor-patient relationship. While it is clearly less expensive to farm patient calls out to anonymous physician call centers, as do traditional  telehealth companies, it does little to help the patient long-term and it cuts the primary care provider out of the loop completely. The EpicMD model is the exact opposite, we help real doctors elevate their relationships with their patients with convenient personalized mobile access.

To insure the company never forgets its pledge to improve the physician-patient experience, its founders carved out a meaningful block of preferred equity exclusively for the accredited physician investors who are actively implementing the solution in their practices. In turn each of those partners is contributing back daily with live, real-time feedback around the design and functionality of the solution as it pertains to their own medical specialty. “For us it’s way more than a marketing slogan that EpicMD is, By doctors, For Doctors,” said Wanderer.

Growing inside the University of Miami Health and Technology park and in collaboration with a who’s-who of industry pioneers, EpicMD has in two short years, begun to prove how, with a doggedly simple SAAS technology infrastructure, and a first-class UI/UX, healthcare can be delivered quickly and easily without most of the waste. EpicMD was invited to officially launch in March, 2017 at SXSW in Austin, Texas.  Now operating with a hint of stealth, the company’s Innovation Advisory Board is carefully unveiling an array of industry first benefits to the provider and the patient alike.

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Kaelynn Midgley

Kaelynn Midgley