Holiday Health Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Avoiding Holiday Health Hazards with Telehealth

The holiday season can be one of the most troublesome times of the year for patients‘ health. With the holiday frenzy, people often forget to take care of themselves and look out for common health hazards that can be harmful in the long run. From avoiding holiday weight gain to child-centered accidents, here are some of Carie’s best tips to holiday safety.

Weight Gain

Many people equate the holiday baking, cooking, eating extravaganza with inevitable weight gain. Gaining 5 or more pounds during the season does not have to be your fate and won’t be with a little conscious effort to make healthy choices and count calories. Cut down on the late night snacking and maybe opt out on the cookies for Santa and leave him some freshly cut veggies instead. Mindful snacking will cut down on your sugar and caloric intake and leave you feeling a little lighter after the new year.


The holidays pose an increased risk for a bevy of illnesses. With large family gatherings and parties, lots of kissing, hugging and hand shaking, it becomes that much easier for germs to find their way to you. By washing your hands frequently and keeping hand sanitizer close by, you can tremendously cut down your chances of catching a holiday bug. Taking vitamin supplements and eating healthy are also great ways to stay happy and healthy throughout these next few weeks.

Holiday Heart Attacks

Heart attacks are most common around the holiday season. The added stress during the season paired with bad eating habits and all the hustle and bustle can be the perfect recipe for a heart attack. Often times, people will forget to take important medications or ignore key signs and symptoms for fear of not wanting to interrupt the holiday spirits. On top of this, the over-capacity and understaffed hospitals pose a problem for high risk patients. Seek immediate medical attention at the first sign that something might be wrong—better safe than sorry.

Child Accidents

Kids are at risk for all sorts of accidents especially during the holidays. From sledding accidents to hurting themselves with toys, an accident awaits at almost every turn. When the kids want to go sledding, make sure an adult accompanies them at all times and it is done in a safe area—away from cars, frozen lakes, and on a spacious, open hill. Appropriate protective gear should be worn: warm gloves, boots, and hat.

Make this holiday season a happy and healthy one by following the above tips. The holidays can be stressful for many reasons, but by seeking help and following professional advice, unnecessary additional stressors can be avoided. Although, accidents do happen; if something does come up, you can seek medical attention from a professional on Carie at any time from the comfort of your own home. Your health is always our number one priority.

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