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In the early 1990’s, it was virtually impossible to imagine using your cell phone or computer to order your family’s groceries or to watch the Super Bowl live or to attend a college course at Harvard for free or to order a personal driver. But now, over 25 years later, many people prefer to do their shopping on their smartphone, streaming has replaced cable, and we have EdX & Uber. It’s safe to say that people are definitely warming up to many things they probably never dreamed they would do.

With virtual care, you can treat many issues that you would normally have to travel to see a doctor for — including fever, influenza, cold & flu, sore throat, and many more. Furthermore, while a virtual doctor can’t put in stitches, they can certainly take a look at your cut to see if you need them. Similarly, an online consultation is useful to easily assess a strain or sprain to determine if you need more significant treatment. In all of these cases, the last thing you want to do is have to get out of bed or off the couch. Utilizing virtual care, like EpicMD, will certainly save you some money and time spent on a visit to the ER.

Some conditions that can be treated with virtual care.

Bronchitis: This sickness will leave you lying in bed not wanting to move. And, while Bronchitis can be a little tougher to diagnose than other illnesses, it can still be diagnosed from the sound of a cough. Once diagnosed with Bronchitis, the prescription is always Prednisone or Zithromax, which can be given with a simple signature from your doctor. It is a waste of time to have to make that drive all the way to the doctor’s office when you know you will likely receive these two drugs.

Sinus Infection: Sinus infections are all too common for students and in the workplace. This means, however, that these infections are generally simple to diagnose — making a trip to the doctor’s office pointless. Admit it, with a sinus infection, the only thing you really want to do is stay in bed and get better. So, jump on the virtual health train and you won’t have to make this pointless trip again.

Vomiting: Vomiting can be treated with a myriad of solutions that don’t need a trip to the doctor’s office. A doctor would simply tell you all of the different steps that you need to take in order to relieve your symptoms. He can easily talk to you over video chat, figure out all the issues you have been experiencing, and then go on from there.

Back Pain: Diagnosing back pain is relatively simple, so why waste a ton of money on a doctor’s visit? If you consult with your doctor online, you could get your prescription right from your bed as you are recovering from those horrible pains. It should be obvious that having to get up and move around is the last thing you want to do in this condition. So stay put with EpicMD!

Diarrhea: This condition can be treated very quickly because there aren’t any tests needed for a diagnosis. This obviously is an issue that you want to have remedied as soon as possible, so being able to consult with a doctor at anytime will be a tremendous relieve.

Pink eye (conjunctivitis): Pink eye is very contagious, so you really shouldn’t be in a public setting with this condition. Plus, everyone knows that coming down with pink eye can be embarrassing. With EpicMD, you will never have to show your cringe-worthy conjunctivitis off to anyone you know again. Just one look from the doctor would be able to tell you what medication is needed to get back to normal. So, hideout at home and see your doctor online.

Skin Conditions: Nearly all skin conditions can be irritating. Well, with virtual health care, now you don’t have to take the time out of your day to figure out the best way to manage this potentially embarrassing condition. Your doctor will be able to diagnose the condition from a simple video chat, which will give him all the information he will need to correctly advise you. If by any chance he or she isn’t able to fully help, you’ll be advised to meet with a specialist.

UTI: This can be a touchy subject for some people. But, urinary tract infections need to be dealt with quickly and effectively. A simple chat with your doctor would tell him nearly all the information needed to prescribe you the right medication. Which means you get to stay home and recover!

With EpicMD, you’ll have access to your own private doctor, anywhere and anytime!

EpicMD has a large network of amazing care providers. Our platform will virtually place you inside the office of a doctor of your choosing. No more driving to the ER. No more waiting in line. Now you can connect directly with YOUR doctor at YOUR convenience. If this sounds like a service you could use, register for EpicMD today!

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