EpicMD Actively Giving Free Remote Medical Consultations of Victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston

Miami, FL, August 30, 2017

In response to the devastation and widespread flooding throughout the Greater Houston Area from Hurricane Harvey, we are actively giving free medical consultations, provided remotely by U.S. Board Certified primary care physicians and specialists. Medical consultations can be conducted by phone, video, email or text to all Houston relief victims through registered charitable organizations associated with this effort.

When Hurricane Harvey made landfall, and as a major national disaster was being declared in Texas, our Share-the-Care program became proactively engaged in providing free medical care to those in need via our mobile healthcare platform. “While the EpicMD Share-the-Care program has been effectively providing free medical care to those in need for over a year, the situation in Houston has become uniquely acute,” said Matt Wanderer, CEO and Founder of Epic Health, the parent company of EpicMD and Share-the-Care.
We are actively encouraging representatives of registered charitable organizations providing direct relief to the victims of Hurricane Harvey to please contact us, EpicMD at support@epic.md.

EpicMD is committed to excellence in delivering affordable, compassionate, accessible, convenient care to Americans in need. As America comes together to help our fellow citizens, we are all Texans; we are all Houstonians. We are all ready to help Americans who have been so cruelly affected by the Harvey tragedy.

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Kaelynn Midgley

Kaelynn Midgley