Did You Know You Can Have Your Prescriptions Filled Online?

Did You Know You Can Have Your Prescriptions Filled Online?

Health care, like everything else, is evolving. If you want, you can now see a doctor for an appointment in a virtual office via an online video conference, in some cases you can get certain prescriptions filled through a mobile app, and you can even consult with a doctor on-demand regarding a non-urgent medical issue like a cut or sprain or strain to determine if you should go to an emergency room or not. Simply put, today’s technology is quickly transforming our entire world, and this certainly includes how the medical industry functions.

Nowadays, you can immediately see a certified and trained physician who can treat your non-emergency medical issues, such as cold & flu symptoms, urinary tract infections, allergies, heartburn, and more — no matter where you are and with just the touch of a button! Furthermore, under certain conditions, that doctor can also refill your existing prescriptions or can even prescribe you medication through a mobile app, like EpicMD. That’s because EpicMD is able to create an ongoing relationship between you and a doctor you select from our network, to help manage your healthy lifestyle or to assist in you committing to lifestyle changes.

Virtual health care apps which focus on preventive care, like EpicMD, are dramatically making healthcare more accessible and convenient with useful features like the ability to get a prescription without having to visit a doctor, while in turn reducing costs for care providers and patients. This is modern medicine.

Welcome to the future of health care!

Based on a 2015 survey conducted by Google Consumer Insights, it’s clear that more and more people are opening up to the idea of virtual health care. Needless to say, the future seems bright with mobile medicine becoming more and more in demand. The younger, more adaptable generations are more comfortable with the idea of telemedicine; perhaps due to the fact that they can get care when they need it.

“Telemedicine is one of the most promising frontiers in modern healthcare. Virtual appointments with physicians, conducted over video or even by phone, can help alleviate the strain on general practitioners, further preventative care, and reduce overall costs.”

The combination of an increased demand for virtual health care services and the rapidly evolving technology likely means that more and more people will be turning to apps like EpicMD with more consistency in the very near future.

EpicMD is the Uber of healthcare!

As we all know, doctors are busy people. However, they are the ones who are able to refill your medication. In the past, it was required to give your pharmacist a few days notice in order to get ahold of your doctor. Now you don’t have to ever worry about your prescription being improperly filled because of a time-sensitive mistake, like your doctor’s messy handwriting.

Furthermore, eliminating the step of having to actually visit a doctor for a prescription by utilizing EpicMD could reduce healthcare costs for you in a number of ways. But, most importantly, it will allow you to use your time more efficiently. Register with EpicMD today and take your doctor with you!

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