Carie Thanks its Providers, Patients, Family, and Friends for an Incredible 2018

Carie telemedicine ribbon cutting ceremony

For Team Carie, 2018 has been one of the biggest years yet. After what seemed like forever, we finally launched our platform out into the world. Leading up to that epic moment however came a lot of work and some really exciting milestones. It’s been inspiring to see, and it’s why we keep working hard towards our mission of enabling providers all over the country to introduce Telehealth into their practice.

Here’s a look at some of our biggest milestones for the year!

To kick off 2018 we worked with an amazing design team to entirely rebrand our company from top to bottom. This included a new logo and a new website that finally feels like home. On top of a dramatic visual change, shortly after that we changed our company name as well. Yep, that’s right! We did all of that in a crazy 90 day timespan. Many of you came to know us as EpicMD over the past several years as we kicked off our journey into the world of telemedicine. While the EpicMD chapter will always be a huge one for us, we knew that as a team and a business, we were truly meant to be Carie.

Something we continued to build and expand upon this year is our passion project, Share the Care. The Share the Care program is our way of giving back not only to our local communities, but communities all over the country in need. We’ve been able to leverage our technology in a positive way to provide help during events like Hurricanes Matthew,  Harvey, and Irma. We also began to ask every new provider who came on board to be part of the program, and they have been more than happy to help. All our Share the Care providers donate one free consultation every month to a family or individual in need.

How did we make most of this possible? Well as you know, Carie is a startup so raising funding from a key group of visionary investors was necessary. We closed our $7 million Series A tranche funding in September which was a huge milestone for our company.

In order to keep up with our growing business, we were incredibly fortunate to expand our team. With new hires on board in our Executive, Marketing, Finance, Support and Technology departments, we were able to keep up with the demands of launching a product as robust as Carie. Also in order to fit our growing team into a single space, we said goodbye to our beloved CIC and moved into an incredible office in Brickell. Since making the jump downtown we’ve been able to expand all areas of our company into new creative spaces that have sparked some of our best work yet. We also opened our doors to a new division of our company, Carie Global. A passionate team of salespeople who are on board to help us take Carie to the next level in 2019.

Last but certainly not least, we shared our vision for the future and introduced Carie to a group of beta providers, whom have helped us pave the way towards the best set of tools and features for our launch. These providers will also be established as part of a brand new Medical Advisory Board in 2019. Leading this incredibly important charge are Dr. Shawn Cole and Dr. Dan McDyer, both of whom have been with us since the beginning. They will continue to help us evolve our plan for the Carie Cloud as well as a very exciting array of new product lines and expansions of the platform itself.

In October Carie came alive for the first time to the general public. We launched with a specific set of features that established a wide base for us to grow upon. Providers began to integrate Carie into their practices and the consultations began to roll in. We also rolled out CarieRX which is an exciting program that gives all Carie members huge pharmacy discounts right from within the platform. In 2019 we are looking forward to introducing a huge new array of features like Live Billing, Scheduling Tools, ePerscribe, Nationwide Cloud Coverage, SOAP Notes, and custom Provider Pages.

Then, we celebrated. We celebrated the providers who have come on board and lent countless hours working with us to ensure that Carie meets a standard of quality and care that will stand the test of time. We celebrated the Carie members who came on board through their doctors office and after working through all the typical glitches and bugs, provided us valuable feedback about their experiences and what they would like to see next. We celebrated our fellow Miami businesses and neighbors who lent a hand and kept us encouraged through late nights and weekends with an extra cup of coffee or an inspirational office visit. We celebrated our investors and business partners who through truly believing in Matt’s vision, helped us bring Carie to life in a way that nobody else could. We celebrated our families and our friends, who were there for us in more ways than you could imagine. And lastly during a gorgeous Miami winter day down at The Wharf, we celebrated us. Team Carie, past and present, new and old, we ate pizza and drank beer in true startup fashion. We looked back at 2018 and what a whirlwind adventure it was. We raised our glasses to an incredible year and to everything still to come.

So from our team to yours, thank you for being part of this journey with us. Thank you for the calls and emails, the late night sushi and taco deliveries, the endless zoom meetings, the necessary happy hours, the words of wisdom, the counselling, the last minute flights to miami, and the gallons of coffee drop offs. We look forward to doing even more great things together in 2019.

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Kaelynn Midgley