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Carie's Registered Providers have the ability to offer the Carie Direct Program to their patients that prefer VIP care.

Provider benefits

Reach new revenue highs while elevating your care. With the Carie Direct Program, you will attract new, local patients with premium map placement and convert existing patients to VIP with the support of Carie’s marketing team.

Better Care
Offer patients who require more time with you, more options to consult with you and get into the office when they need to. With better access, your patients won’t be forced to seek out other telehealth options or urgent care.
Increase Practice Revenue

Your direct members are willing to pay more monthly to have better access to you when they need it most. With just 20% practice conversion, your practice can generate an additional $30,000 monthly.

Proper Compensation
Finally, receive compensation for the phone calls and messages that you’re already delivering for high need patients using a platform that's fully HIPAA Compliant and secure.

Here's how it works

With the Carie Direct Program, you will have the ability to sell the $99 VIP Membership to your practice and potential new patients who want better access to you. Once you sign up for the program, our marketing team will help you implement the program into your practice for optimal patient conversion and utilization. You will also receive premier map placement to help attract new patients to your practice.

Premier Map

Carie Direct Physicians will show up at the top of the Carie Locator Map.


Patient Benefits with VIP

  • No-wait office appointment VIP pass
  • VIP phone access to their doctor
  • An annual wellness visit and a customized wellness plan
  • Access to a deep-discount pharmacy card
  • Dental and vision benefits provided by Carie
  • Access to monthly health and wellness tips from Carie network Physicians

What's the cost?


Per month*

Plus $199 credentialing fee*
*Subject to Change
Average annual additional revenue earned for direct physician:

$200,000 to $300,000

How will my practice benefit?

In order to launch a successful direct care division within your practice, you will need to offer services to your VIP patients like next day visits and wellness checks.
But in return, with the help of patient conversion and utilization campaigns, and premium map placement, you could be looking at a phenomenal expansion of revenue.

The Financials

Average practice


25% conversion


625 members x $99 per member x 50% profit


Additional monthly revenue

Improve your bottom line with virtual care

*Enter an estimated number of patients, within your practice, that you believe will sign up for a look at what your monthly revenue could be as a Carie Direct Provider
Access to direct program to earn up to $30,000 a month in additional income
Patient on-boarding and utilization marketing campaigns to convert your practice into paying members
Preferred placement on the Carie locator map
Personalized email marketing to your patient base

Get started today!