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Our mission is to change the face of healthcare in America. We are in business with the lofty goal of rescuing our remaining 300,000 physicians from being swallowed up by big medicine and allowing them to offer the level of care that inspired them to study medicine in the first place.

Virtual Care For The Independent Physician



Cloud based HIPAA secure telehealth platform and services designed to modernize medical practices.


Clinical Support

Services to successfully integrate telehealth into your current processes or help you to transform.


Patient Engagement

Marketing services to develop deeper relationships with current patients and attract new patients to the practice.

The industry we're changing


waiting days, on average, to see your Primary Care Physician


of medical cases can be treated using Telehealth


estimated growth of market space by 2020


consultations per hour

The Carie solution began with no rules. In collaboration with the brightest minds, in both the healthcare and technology industries, we came together to map how healthcare could be optimally delivered by learning from other industries and building a new healthcare delivery model; the focus being the Physician / Patient relationship.

Our values


Doctors First

In all that we do, we will advocate for the American doctor and preservation of the doctor-patient relationship.



We resolve to communicate openly and to take responsibility for our words and actions.



Through our product development and our strategic partnerships, we will be on the leading edge of the healthcare technology revolution.



From the elegance of our design to the ease of our processes, we will strive for beautiful simplicity.


Matt Wanderer created the concept for Carie and continues as our CEO and visionary, because he feels driven to do his part to help rescue our country’s remaining 300,000 independent doctors from being swallowed up by a healthcare system that no longer values them correctly, and increasingly treats our medical care like it were something akin to fast food delivery. He launched Carie to remind Americans of the high-quality medical care that our parents and grandparents once received from their family doctors, and to tell them that it’s about to come back in a big way.

During a life-changing trip to Chennai, India in 2011 Matt, got to see how a few simple technologies (when combined) created an amazing service called virtual care (telehealth or digital health). It may at first sound a little techy, but quality virtual care is really just the natural progression of what great medical care should be, with a powerful technology boost that makes it vastly more convenient and easier to access. He saw how it was cleverly being used in India to treat millions of people living in remote areas and was blown away. He asked himself—Why don’t we have this back home? Sure, we have a few virtual care companies, but no one really uses them. How would it change our doctor’s lives, and our healthcare system, if someone created a high-quality U.S. based virtual care ecosystem that actually connected patients with their own doctors? No one had really even tried.

Since Matt’s trip to India, fixing our healthcare system and saving our family doctors has become a bit of an obsession. Economists widely acknowledge that if every American fully embraced virtual care today; it would save our healthcare system tens of billions of dollars each year—and perhaps trigger the greatest economic shift our country has seen since the dot com era. Whether that happens or not, virtual care really is the next big economy, and it’s all happening right now in 24-hour technology development cycles. It is Carie’s mission to change the face of healthcare in America and save the independent physician from the assembly line that is big medicine in this country.


Matt Wanderer | Carie CEO

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Medical Advisory Board


Daniel McDyer, MD

Clinical Innovation Officer

Dr. Daniel McDyer is an Obsterician/Gynecologist and has been in private practice since completing his residency in 1994. He is currently the Treasurer and a Board member of the largest group of OB/GYN’s in Florida which consists of over 370 OB/GYN’s and 100-plus mid-level providers. He is also Chairman of Section 2, District 12 of the American College of OB/GYN’s. In addition to his passion to provide outstanding care and education to his patients, his interests include integrating processes and beneficial technologies into the healthcare practice that enhance efficiencies, patient outcomes and experiences.


Shawn Cole, MD

Medical Director

Dr Shawn Cole is Medical Director of the Henry S. Chase Outpatient Center, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Medical Director, Occupational Health at Waterbury Hospital, and the Telehealth Medical Director for Carie. Dr. Cole completed his residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital where he received the Outstanding Preceptor Award, the Asghar Rastegar Faculty Teacher Of The Year Award, the John W. Brackett Award for Resident Teacher and the Power Day Award Recipient at Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Cole is an accomplished primary care physician whose clinical interests include, musculoskeletal/ sports injuries, preventive and integrative medicine, and outpatient procedural interventions for pain and headaches.


Sylvan Waller, MD

Healthcare Innovation Officer

Former Chief Medical Officer of MDLIVE, Dr. Waller is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician and executive with a passion for innovation and leveraging technology to improve healthcare. He currently works with healthcare companies and individuals focusing on technology innovation, telemedicine, and entrepreneurship. He is an accomplished thought leader, author, speaker and adviser who works with both established and emerging companies in these areas. Dr. Waller has a medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine and completed his residency at Emory University School of Medicine. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in biology from Brown University.

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